Activity map

Single view of the property market

Problem statement
Create a single customer view for the user to easily review an area / postcode of a property they would like to buy.

The challenge
As a buyer / seller what is the most important and relevant information I need to know. What could be added to enhance the experience and create a tool that I could revisit from time to time to check property values and local amenities.

Role: Lead visual designer / Ux research / Conceptual Disciplines: Design, Ux, Testing, Collaboration, Prototyping and Presentation

Focus groups were set up to understand what people want from a buying / selling experience. What information inspires confidence and reassures the customer they are making the right choices. Combining this with statistics readily available but converging them into one platform. This would allow the customer to use ‘timelines’ to check on value histories and market trends to build an accurate, reliable and honest picture of the market. Transparency is the key.

The entire design is driven using a map with a dashboard of supporting information that the customer can keep and update as they wish. The Local property experts knowledge of the area would also be collected and displayed.

Currently in development. The concept has also been added to several satellite project which will form the basis of Local experts ‘living room’ experiences and added to the app functionality.