Headphone, Drone and app manufacturer

Problem statement
Parrot design and build a great range of headphones that consistantly out perform all other manufacturers but no-one has ever heard of them! Where to start and how to talk to your audience is crucial.

The challenge
Taking what customer data is currently available and using it to take the brand and style promotional elements to create stimulus and enlighted potential customers. Point of sale with a heavy emphasis on trialing technology and allowing distributors to test the products is as important as the marketing.

Role: Lead product and Visual designer / Marketing manager / Concept developer
Disciplines: Product / Design / Engineering / Marketing / Management and Pitcher / Liaison

Initial engagement with the head of marketing to estalish the 'eutopian' vision in the market place they wanted to achieve then a trail of all the products including the app that controls the headphones. After really getting to grips with the products I produced some reports based around an 'ideation board' to generate some direction that would a) Suit the product target market and b) Follow the brand ethos.

Sprints were run with customers who would ultimately be the main focus of the user testing along with an emphasis on technology. As this is a French company based in the UK, the fusion of styles is a big part of the identity.

A friendlier and more approachable brand is created focusing on technology rather than being a fashion accessory. Heightened awareness of the brand and what they actualkly do was also part of the overall development and a continued relationship with distributors for a better market percentage.