My life online


Life organisation application

Problem statement
Create a place where a user can store all of the information they need in their daily life. Not just appointments and health app information (steps done etc) but also medication prompts, push notifications to renew prescriptions and other medical orientated things.

The challenge
Extract all information about the customers daily life and its needed services with minimum friction as possible. Integration with native apps to streamline inclusion and reduce the customer having to faff about.

Role: Lead product / visual designer
Disciplines: Product design / engineering / marketing and management

Initial engagement with the head of cognitive studies at Sheffield university, Matthew Bennion PHD to decide what is needed and what can benefit from concentrated sprints or workshops. Identifying what gaps in the knowledge I have so how I can better understand any of the medical jargon. I broke down the design into identity, brand guidelines, then into how we would form the app which was the crux or the project. Sprints were run with patients/users who would ultimately be the main focus of the user testing along with pharmacists who use similar systems. Collective problem solving to create something more that just a calendar app with prompts.

My Life Online is currently at the testing stage and is hopefully going to be adopted by the NHS as an option for people with learning and memory / degenerative illnesses to help maintain their lives and medical wellbeing. As part of the governments push to deal with Alzheimers and memory issues it has been granted NHS funding.