Full Campaigns

Marketing / Digital

Intergrating marketing campaigns

Problem statement
Integrate the current marketing campaign into the digital proposition to keep all collateral consistent.

The challenge
Taking a purely promotional proposition and engineering it to work in all digital, animated and any other outlet that we may need for the promotion of the current campaign. Sometime marketing don’t consider what may be needed by anything other than print so backwards engineering and re-development of design work is needed.

Role: Lead visual designer
Disciplines: Design / Narrative / Liaison / Negotiation

Working closely with marketing as to not dilute any messaging or key points, existing artwork would be reworked and redeployed to work more closely with digital. Bringing in ‘Dev’ at this point would also illustrate any technical restraints we may have and also keep them in the loop.

A cohesive campaign thats familiar to the customer from all aspects. When marketing lead a covert campaign its important to be reactive and adopt concept quickly, annoying, yes but sometimes necessary.