Freelance / publications

Working with diverse clients

What is it? A travel magazine based around Dance/House music culture
Whats the job? Produce concept art-boards to create a theme for the edition I was producing for. The cover and internal elements such as the contents would follow this theme making it different each time.
What did the work entail? Design / Art Direction / Photography / Communication / Presentation

What is it? A design piece for Creative arts magazine
Whats the job? Submission of some of my self-perpetuated design work to a respected design magazine
What did the work entail? Design

GG Promo
What is it? Artworks for flyers, posters and digital banners
Whats the job? Global Gathering Festival happens every year and thrives on the publicity of its acts. This is purely promotional artwork / animation to promote artists, specific tents and times.
What did the work entail? Design / Art Direction / Communication / Submission under tight deadline