National geographic

Natgeo sprint

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Problem statement
National Geograhic are looking for a new, clean look. As part of a collective of designer, I was tasked with taking what I understand as the brand of National Geographic and insight supplied by design research and producing a new clean design direction.

The challenge
Working inside the confines of the design guidelines, taking onboard the habits and requirements of the user and using a good UX grounding to design wireframes and 'eutopian' designs.

Role: Visual designer
Disciplines: Design / UX

Immerse myself in everything National Geographic. Think of the site as more of an expeirence than a reference library and focus on the design research to drive the design forward. Don;t be tempted to over design and let the photography speak for itself.

All design was submitted as a collective and broken up to be used in selected areas of the site including layout, navigation and interaction.