Style Guide

Global experience language

Building a digital brand 3 years in

Problem statement
Produce a digital brand guidelines which houses all the assets, text styles and all documents / best practices, all in one place. It should be accessible from anywhere and be versatile enough to be picked up by anyone and used with little instruction.

The challenge
Combine the last 3 years of broken brand elements and build a single source of truth for digital and print media to follow. Not to mention education of Local Property Experts on how to implement this into their ‘leave behind’ material. Due to years of fast production and poor discipline the entire digital estate will need to be refined back inline to fit with these new guides.

Role: Lead visual designer / Governance
Disciplines: Design / Surveying / Collaboration / Cataloguing / Versioning

First we set up a GEL governance group to watch over and maintain any changes or updates. The GEL was basically non existent so the starting point was the marketing website as this is the face of the brand to the public so I didn’t want to change this too much. From this a structure for primary / secondary / tertiary elements was created and the GEL grew over a space of 2 months to a ‘baseline’ state. Using a modified version of ‘Bootstrap’ the GEL is now part of the digital ecosystem fronted by Frontify. This also contains Print, Illustration, Wire-framing and Mission statements.

The GEL, along with all of the other components to the brand now exist in Frontify to be accessed anywhere and Adobe XD cloud for engineers (Spec mode) which can be used as a code base.